Sale! Canna ‘Pretoria’
Canna ‘Pretoria’
Has stunning variegated yellow and green striped leaves and huge—HUGE—orange bi-colored flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. It’s “Beaver” orange. Height at maturity 36” - 48”.
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Sale! Canna ‘Stuttgart’
Canna ‘Stuttgart’
If Canna ‘Pretoria’ is too bright for you, this blossom is not as bright but the foliage is a lovely green and white to be planted in a shady area or in a pot, perhaps as a tropical houseplant. It’s more expensive because it’s not as readily available. Height at maturity 36” - 48”.
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Sale! Dwarf Canna ‘Happy Julia’
Dwarf Canna ‘Happy Julia’
Has bold red flowers and dark green foliage burnished with bronze. I wonder who Julia was/is?? Height at maturity 20”.
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Sale! Dwarf Canna ‘Lucifer’
Dwarf Canna ‘Lucifer’
Is much nicer than its name. Who names these things??!! However, the blossom more than makes up for its name with its fire engine red and yellow blossoms. Height at maturity 20”.
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