Sale! Single-flowered Dahlia ‘Edge of Joy’
Single-flowered Dahlia ‘Edge of Joy’
Is a joy to behold! This daisy-like dahlia has a golden yellow center that bees and butterflies can't resist. The two-tone petals are snowy white, flushed with wine red and stand atop stems about 3 feet tall. Edge of Joy is an eyecatcher in the garden and its fresh, long-lasting blooms are a highlight in summer bouquets.
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Sale! Single-flowered Dahlia ‘Pulp Fiction’
Single-flowered Dahlia ‘Pulp Fiction’
We’ve included this gorgeous dahlia because of its fiery red blooms and its shorter stature, probably topping out at around 1 foot. Because of its height, it will be great in pots—multiple pots or in the front of the border.
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