Beyond being a member of the Evening Garden Club, many members want to participate in other ways.  Being a member of the Board or its various Committees is one way.  Another way is to join a Club Project.  Here are the current ones.  

If you do not see what you are looking for, contact the Board and make a suggestion!  

Book Club Project 

EGC recognizes members not only love gardening – but love reading about gardens as well!  This project is an easy and relaxed way to meet and enjoy the company of bibliophiles.  Reading groups meet about once every two months in members’ homes. 

The books have a plant and/or gardening theme and may be fiction, biographies, historical fiction, memoirs, poetry – whatever your decide.  This is just for fun and contributes to EGC’s distinct value as a garden club.

Floral Therapy Project  

Nearly every week of the month, volunteers from the Evening Garden Club provide flower arrangement classes to residents of 4-5 local assisted-living facilities. 

This project is generously supported by Trader Joe’s who donates wilted blooms, by the Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church Giving Garden, and by individual EGC gardeners.  

When possible, children in the 4-H Cloverbuds group share time with residents and distribute “tin-can posies” that they have created.  

This is the longest running EGC Project.  It is a rewarding activity for all involved.

Good Turns Project    

EGC volunteers work with the city to improve and beautify the four corners of Madison and Second Street in Corvallis.  Once a month, a small group of volunteers join together to work on the bulb-out beds.  

By amending the soil and using native and hardy plants, the EGC gives back to the community in a very visible way. This Project is part of larger city- and county-wide efforts to beautify our environment.

This is a fun and satisfying project. What a difference we’re making!

Homegrown National Parks Project  

The newest project of the EGC is the local contact for the national HNP initiative.  Club members are eager to help gardeners understand the value of introducing native plants into their gardens which collectively will create a beautiful national habitat that is beneficial to bees, bugs, birds and humans!  

We can do this one person at a time.

Project members network with native plant enthusiasts and other groups to encourage the removal of invasive plants and lawns and promote use of native plants on a larger scale.  With the dramatic decline of pollinator and bird species, intentional introduction of native plants is something we all can do to help our gardening friends!

Find out more about the Homegrown National Parks on this website under the Resources tab.  Let’s help our community “get on the map.”  Come join us.