Evening Garden Club Board of Directors

October 2, 2023 – in person

The annual meeting of the Evening Garden Club (EGC) and the kick-off to the program year to come.  This in-person meeting at the Sheperd of the Valley Lutheran Church, 2650 NW Highland Drive, Corvallis, will acquaint members with the Board and Committee Chairs.

The program will also include our much-loved Fall Plant Exchange

Janet Magedanz

November 6, 2023 – in person

“Year-Round Pollinator Plants:  What to Grow for a 4-Season Blooming Garden.”

Janet Magedanz is a Benton County Master Gardener and past-President of the Evening Garden Club.  As a long-time gardener with a mature garden, she has considered the challenge to introduce “natives” to her landscape.  This is her response to that challenge.  She knew that non-natives are also attractive to pollinators so her presentation will provide planting ideas with bulbs, annuals, perennials, and shrubs – both native and non-native – to keep you happy with blooms all year AND keep the pollinators happy.

Annual Greens Party

December 4, 2023 – in person

Another EGC tradition, the Greens Party celebrates the Winter season by bringing together a wide variety of greens that can be crafted into indoor and outdoor decorations while enjoying the company of others

Richie Steffen

January 8, 2024 – zoom only

“The Beauty of Ferns in the Garden.”

Few people have a passion for plants or an excitement about gardening more than Richie Steffen. Richie is the executive director for the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden, overseeing the development of the garden, its programs, and the rare plant collections. His expertise comes from over thirty-five years of experience in the horticultural field, with the last 24 years spent at the Miller Garden. Ferns have become a specialty for him, and he maintains extensive collections at the Miller Garden and his home garden. He has traveled to Europe, Japan, Chile, New Zealand and Costa Rica as well as numerous trips around the US studying ferns and other plants. He is active in the gardening community and is currently past president of the Hardy Fern Foundation and the Northwest Horticultural Society. A noted lecturer, writer and photographer, Richie is the co-author of the “Plant Lover’s Guide to Ferns” with his friend and fern mentor Sue Olsen

Eileen Stark

February 5, 2024 – zoom only

“Native by Design: Choosing Plants For Biodiversity.” 

Eileen Stark is a Portland-based ecological landscape designer, consultant, author, and photographer. Her academic background includes studies in biology, wildlife ecology and landscape design. A deeply committed conservationist, she strives to create awareness of the myriad creatures with which we share this fragile planet. 

Her book, Real Gardens Grow Natives: Design, Plant, and Enjoy a Healthy Northwest Garden, isa passionate guide to gardening for both biodiversity and beauty using animal-friendly landscaping methods.  Visit her website at realgardensgrownatives.com.

Sharon Knight and Dana Hughes

March 4, 2024 – in person

“Adaptive Gardening.”

Dana is a Physical Therapist, Orthopedic Certified Specialist at Sweetgrass Physical Therapy & Wellness and Sharon is an eclectic expert at Garland Nursery with knowledge about bugs, pathogens, perrenials and everything in between.  Together, they will present a program about adaptive gardening.  This will include discussion of making small changes in gardening habits to accommodate the gardener’s physical needs – be that with adapting tools, techniques commonly used in gardening, or taking time to be mindful of changing abilities.

Signe Danler, Owen Dell, Alan Shay and Jeff Copes

April 1, 2024 – in person

“By Design – Landscaping Panel Discussion.”

With expertise from the EGC and Home Grown Gardens Nursery, this panel of professionals are prepared to answer your plant and landscaping questions.  Prior to the meeting, members will be encouraged to submit questions to get the ball rolling.  Questions will also be taken from the floor.  Come down the garden path with us!

Janet Throop 

May 6, 2024 – in person

“Edible Gardens for All Seasons.”

Throughout the year Janet spends much time nurturing her large and lush yard full of flowers, fruit trees, berries, and vegetables. For over thirty years she has been an active Benton County Master Gardener.  She is a keen observer of the natural world and encourages all to be mindful of the earth and our impact upon it.  We are in for a treat to learn how to grow edibles year-round. 

The May program concludes with our Spring Plant Exchange.