Sale! Alocasia Plumbea Nigra
Alocasia Plumbea Nigra
What??? This is a very large-leaved perennial and the leaves are soooo dark they appear nearly black. It’s not hardy here so consider growing it in a pot or digging it in the fall but—oh that foliage!!
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Sale! Calla Lily ‘Picasso’
Calla Lily ‘Picasso’
These unique blooms are white on the outside with a rich deep purple pink eye in the throat of the bloom. You that love purple need to buy this….and I know who you are!!
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Sale! Calla Lily ‘Schwarzwalder’
Calla Lily ‘Schwarzwalder’
The color reminds me of a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon! Consider one or more planted in a nice pot. Now THAT would be worth a second look when enjoying the garden.
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Sale! Canna ‘Pretoria’
Canna ‘Pretoria’
Has stunning variegated yellow and green striped leaves and huge—HUGE—orange bi-colored flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. It’s “Beaver” orange. Height at maturity 36” - 48”.
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Sale! Canna ‘Stuttgart’
Canna ‘Stuttgart’
If Canna ‘Pretoria’ is too bright for you, this blossom is not as bright but the foliage is a lovely green and white to be planted in a shady area or in a pot, perhaps as a tropical houseplant. It’s more expensive because it’s not as readily available. Height at maturity 36” - 48”.
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Sale! Colocasia gigantea ‘Thailand Giant’
Colocasia gigantea ‘Thailand Giant’
Common name Elephant Ears and it is another tender perennial that needs special attention to survive our winters. However, it’s worth growing just to hear what the neighbors say.
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Sale! Dwarf Canna ‘Happy Julia’
Dwarf Canna ‘Happy Julia’
Has bold red flowers and dark green foliage burnished with bronze. I wonder who Julia was/is?? Height at maturity 20”.
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Sale! Dwarf Canna ‘Lucifer’
Dwarf Canna ‘Lucifer’
Is much nicer than its name. Who names these things??!! However, the blossom more than makes up for its name with its fire engine red and yellow blossoms. Height at maturity 20”.
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Sale! Gladiola ‘Blue Isle’ (bag of 10)
Gladiola ‘Blue Isle’ (bag of 10)
Okay, what catalogs call blue and what I call blue are two different colors. However, it is still a gorgeous color and worth including in your garden.
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Sale! Single-flowered Dahlia ‘Edge of Joy’
Single-flowered Dahlia ‘Edge of Joy’
Is a joy to behold! This daisy-like dahlia has a golden yellow center that bees and butterflies can't resist. The two-tone petals are snowy white, flushed with wine red and stand atop stems about 3 feet tall. Edge of Joy is an eyecatcher in the garden and its fresh, long-lasting blooms are a highlight in summer bouquets.
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Sale! Single-flowered Dahlia ‘Pulp Fiction’
Single-flowered Dahlia ‘Pulp Fiction’
We’ve included this gorgeous dahlia because of its fiery red blooms and its shorter stature, probably topping out at around 1 foot. Because of its height, it will be great in pots—multiple pots or in the front of the border.
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Sale! Tigridia (bag of 10)
Tigridia (bag of 10)
Gorgeous blooms in full sun or in a pot, the blooms are so distinctive. They get only 12—18” tall so you’ll want to plant them where you’ll easily see them.
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